Eram Hotel Services


To be clean in the trip is the most important concern for travelers. In our laundry by utilization of facilities of a 150 m2 salon equipped with dryer, weathering, press machine, mannequin steam machine and laundry machine.

We are ready to give 24 hours services both to hotel residents and to other customers with a reasonable price.

Laundry Services:

Washing, weathering, staining and pressing.

Laundry and Pressing for Men:

Suit, vest, great coat, rainbow, overcoat, jacket, shirt, coat, work cloth and tie.


Suit, vest, greatcoat, rainbow, overcoat, jacket, coat, shirt, work cloth and tie.

Laundry and Pressing for Women:

suit, skirt, greatcoat, rainbow, jacket, nightgown, gown and scarf.

Taxi Sevrices

Eram Grand Hotel ceremonial services with top model cars are ready to give 24 hours services to hotel residents and other organizations.

wifi internet

Free High Speed Internet



Carwash for service to guests


-Parking with 600 cars capacity